And so they spoke, and so they spoke,
Those foes of Casterly,
And now their blood will paint her walls,
For all the lions to see,
Yes, now their blood will paint her walls,
For all the lions to see

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Cersei Lannister + first and last apparition in every seasons

GRRM has written a beautiful growth process of taking a young girl you feel like you want to protect, and then watching her protect herself and grow into her own and turn into a strong woman and leader. And also, the dragons, man! I think the reason she’s such a popular character is the CGI dragons look pretty cool and the magic of them is definitely a quick way of making a character stand out. — Emilia Clarke for AwardsLine

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There it is. There’s the look. I’ve seen it for 17 years on face after face. You all despise me. Kingslayer. Oathbreaker. A man without honor. - Jaime Lannister

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George R.R. Martin at San Diego Comic-Con 2014 (x)

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game of hair: part 13

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House Manderly + Ladies

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Brienne of Tarth, Game of Thrones Season 4 

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There are gods, she told herself, and there are true knights too. All the stories can’t be lies.

Sansa Stark Meme - 9/9 quotes

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Tyrion Lannister + funny moments (1/?)

Arty fleas
Flea chatter

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