The Dance of the Dragons meme: 7 deaths: (2/7):  Aemond (Tom Felton) killing Lucerys (Skandar Keynes) . (x)

Note: I recasted most of the Velaryon children since I read in the Rogue Prince that they had black hair/brown eyes.


Sansa Stark Appreciation Week: Day 3 - Favorite season/book

—A Feast for Crows


She scooped up a handful of snow and squeezed it between her fingers. Heavy and wet, the snow packed easily. Sansa began to make snowballs, shaping and smoothing them until they were round and white and perfect. She remembered a summer’s snow in Winterfell when Arya and Bran had ambushed her as she emerged from the keep one morning. They’d each had a dozen snowballs to hand, and she’d had none. Bran had been perched on the roof of the covered bridge, out of reach, but Sansa had chased Arya through the stables and around the kitchen until both of them were breathless. She might even have caught her, but she’d slipped on some ice. Her sister came back to see if she was hurt. When she said she wasn’t, Arya hit her in the face with another snowball, but Sansa grabbed her leg and pulled her down and was rubbing snow in her hair when Jory came along and pulled them apart, laughing.

Sansa appreciation week  » Day 5: One scene

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…And I promise you, Rakharo will ride with his ancestors tonight.


→ V E N G E A N C E

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"She was scarcely a year older than I was, dark-haired, slender, with a face that would break your heart. It certainly broke mine. Lowborn, half-starved, unwashed… Yet lovely. […] She was hungrier than I would have believed. We finished two whole chickens and part of a third, and drank a flagon of wine, talking. I was only thirteen, and the wine went to my head, I fear. The next thing I knew, I was sharing her bed. If she was shy, I was shyer. I’ll never know where I found the courage. When I broke her maidenhead, she wept, but afterward she kissed me and sang her little song, and by morning I was in love."

A game of forgotten ladies: Tysha

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sansa through the seasons

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“Dalla told me something once. Val’s sister, Mance Rayder’s wife. She said that sorcery was a sword without a hilt. There is no safe way to grasp it.” “A wise woman.” Melisandre rose, her red robes stirring in the wind. “A sword without a hilt is still a sword, though, and a sword is a fine thing to have when foes are all about.

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  4 Stark in season 1

1/4 :  E d d a r d   S t a r k

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"a bad priest and a worse wizard."


Some say the world will end in fire,

Some say in ice.

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Gif Meme - Anonymous asked: Tyrion Lannister + My Emotions

Arty fleas
Flea chatter

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